The School Day

Children are expected to arrive in school by 8.45 am and registration is at 8.50 am. For all year groups the school day ends at 3.15 pm.


Early Years Provision at George Tomlinson. We have a large nursery with lots of outside space, we run two sessions at day and we also offer a variety of additional sessions and wrap around care. Main Sessions AM – 8.45-11.45 PM – 12.30-3.30 Additional Options....


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


How we support children/young people with special educational needs or disabilities.


Integral to teaching and learning


George Tomlinson Primary School formed a successful partnership with “Place2Be” and we have two days of Place2Be support every week in the school. The project is led by Yasira Bashir, our school project manager. Their work includes group work, Place2Talk and Place2Be (one to one work) as well as work with parents.