What is the school council?

We are the voice of our students. We make sure that the student’s voice is heard. We believe in making a difference for our pupils and our school. We help make the school the best it can be.

What have we been doing recently?

The school council has been selected to be a part of the eco-active competition and we must show that we all do the 3-Rs in school which are:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

The winning school is the school that reduces their waste the most. So far, we have reused t-shirts to make bags. We have also made recycled paper, and most recently we made pencil pots out of yogurt pots.

Written by Amirah

How to be a school council member?

School council is made up of representatives from years 1 – 6. Each class will elect one representative who attends meetings and gives feedback.

Each class will also elect a vice representative who will attend meetings and feedback in the main representative’s absence.
Having been a member of pupil council for one year, you will not to represent your class for the following two years to allow opportunity to a wider range of people.


Elections will be run without prejudice or discrimination. Any class member is entitled to run for school council and the decision in each class will be made by a secret ballot.

If you wish to be considered for school council, you will need to present a speech to your class giving clear reasons and examples of why you are the most suitable candidate for the job.